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About us 

Plays and Players Gallery is an artist run non-profit space located within the lower lobby area of Plays and Players theatre and was founded in 2016 by local artist and curator Alexandra Mosoeanu. For almost four years now, this voluntarily run non profit gallery space has been exhibiting local artists from the East Coast.


Did you know our gallery is inside of the first theatre ever to open in Philadelphia, Pa? This historic building opened in 1911 and ever since has been delivering contemporary performance art to the Philadelphian community. Please visit the main page for our organization by visiting

Plays and Players Theatre/Gallery

Sponsor Linda Gryn and Curator Alex Mosoeanu in front of Alex's work during the Leaving Her Mark opening reception 
c: Alexandra Mosoeanu

Our Mission

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The mission of the gallery is to enrich the local neighborhood with emerging, local talent through exhibitions and opening receptions. 

During our events, participating artists are encouraged to speak about their artwork to inspire a dialogue between themselves and the audience/potential local buyers in Philadelphia. We aim to inspire the artist to gain a following through our free events. During some of our receptions we invite poets, speakers, musicians and other talents to share their unique artform.


Plays and Players Gallery is sponsored by Linda Gryn, President of Plays and Players Theatre.We only take 25% commission and there is no entry fee, only $10 hanging fee if artwork is accepted.

Follow us on social media @playsandplayersgallery for Calls for Art and free & fun events!

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